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  • THE ULTIMATE SIT AND STAND DESK: The DM05D1 is a workstation that will allow you to use a single monitor, double monitors, large monitor, or an Apple iMac standing on the upper platform. The stand is also compatible with Duronic monitor arms / Monitor stand that will help you mount a monitor or dual monitors on the back of the upper platform giving greater flexibility in monitor positioning.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS & INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY : One of the benefits of a sit and stand workstation is the fact that this solution allows you to adjust the height to multiple levels depending on your height so you can find the optimal height that allows you to work whilst sitting or standing. There are great health benefits by standing and working such as losing extra calories and reducing neck pains whilst sitting as the monitor will be at the correct eye level.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO INSTALL AND OPERATE: These stands are very easy to operate. It comes fully assembled inside the box with a manual to help you familiarise yourself with the unit. You can choose multiple heights very easily by holding on two levers either side of the unit and lifting the unit effortlessly to your required position. The stand uses suspensions to help the users to easily lift weights of up to 15kg.
  • COMPATIBILE WITH OFFICE AND HOME DESKS: Use a laptop as well as a monitor, use two monitors, or a large screen like an iMac or a very large monitor. There is a keyboard platform incorporated on the item which will hold a keyboard up to a 2kg weight. We have an incorporated groove on top platform so you can keep your tablet, phone or even a pen. Please make sure your desk is larger than the workstation.
  • SUPER QUALITY WITH AMPLE USABLE SPACE: Our Sit and Stand desk is larger than most others on the market. Our top platform size is: 92cm X 56cm. The unit is finished off with a clean black colour, giving you a contemporary feel to your workstation set up. All the materials used on this workstation will help you use this unit seamlessly for years to come.


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